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This yoga system is the most popular and the easiest to practice, adapting to all people and all ages. It is the system who originated several other styles of yoga. The practice of traditional Hatha Yoga has a slow pace, focusing on staying in postures (आसन āsana), awareness of breathing work and vital energy (प्रायामाम prāṇāyāma) and conscious relaxation through concentration and meditation techniques (धारण dhāraṇā and य्यान dhyāna).

The Hatha Yoga classes taught in Padma Yoga Shala🌿 have a strong influence from the teachings of Śrī Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, probably the contemporary yogi who most influenced current Hatha Yoga and Walter Thirak Ruta, disciple of Śrī Śrī Śrī Satchidananda Yogi, the silent Yogi of Madras.

About Hatha Yoga, in the words of Śrī Śrī Śrī Satchidananda Yogi *:

 "Hatha Yoga, like any other working method involving the body, consists of a series of pre-established exercises. These exercises, the postures, aim to improve relaxation and calm, while improving physical shape, without being violent or tiring. They should be performed slowly and smoothly, implying breathing, relaxation and concentration in the process.

Each posture has a different benefit, and it is the combined effect of all exercises, according to the yogi's understanding, which will make him stronger to face everyday difficulties. »

*in « Dieu est bonheur - Manuel de Yoga », de Walter Thirak Ruta


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Padma Final 01.jpg

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